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Conflict management

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Coaching for motivation and morale


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Many organizations find that, despite good intentions, initiatives to solve conflicts often fall short. The key is to take time to find the root of the problem. Negativity and poor attitudes break down team structures. Small issues can develop into larger organizational challenges and lead to significant financial losses, negative work ethics and potential lawsuits.


For change to happen in your organization, we must first get to the root of the problem by exploring the underlying issues that are driving problematic behavior. We focus on what’s most important: the people who make your business run. Together, we challenge all employees to study their behavior so they can be efficient and productive.

Dr. Greg Alch


Dr. Greg Alch has been in practice for more than 25 years, helping people better manage their professional and personal relationships. He can communicate complex ideas without arousing defensiveness and people find it easy to talk to him.

By engaging employees at all levels of an organization, Dr. Alch has a keen ability to bring clarity to complex situations and identify the action steps necessary to achieve identified goals.

We’ve helped organizations and employees

adopt a larger perspective by examining the systems of your organization and how they help – or hinder – organizational goals. We challenge employees to adopt authentic, positive attitudes to work effectively with others.

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